Sustainable HVAC Systems Design 

    Our design team is able to take you through your Green project with sustainable HVAC solutions 

    HVAC Systems repair & Maintenance 

    We offer  Service contracts and warranty maintenance for major brands including ,Toshiba ,Mitsubishi Electric,Daikin ,Samsung and LG 

    ECO Solutions 

    We pivot twards eco-friendly products in-line with energy regulations with environmentaly friendly solutions 

    Our Brands

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    A world leading AC brand with top notch local support.With the support of the Dubai based distributor and support from the selection and design software we supply install and commission Toshiba HVAC unit to Manufacturers recommendation 

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    With many years in the local East African Market the AC manufacturer LG has adapted to the local requirements ,Continuous product improvements have ensured it remains a top brand in the HVAC scene in Kenya.  We provide sales ,installation and support for LG Air-conditioners.

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    Since its inception into the East African Market ,Samsung has invested heavily in making its units resilient and robust to be able to work seamlessly in the demanding conditions of the African environment .

    These units are built to last.

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    German Manufacturer Bosch made a recent entry into the  HVAC scene their experience in engineering puts them way ahead of other players ,as expected Bosch units have been very finely engineered.